Fresh Taiwan National Cultural and Creative Team Participates in World’s Largest Life Aesthetics Event

Organized by Ministry of Culture, “Fresh Taiwan” has helped domestic cultural and creative industries to participate in iconic global design exhibitions and fairs since 2012, expanding the international market and marketing Taiwan’s soft strength. In 2019, Fresh Taiwan will participate in the world’s leading home décor and design exhibition, “M&O Paris,” from September 6 to 10; with the brand concept of “Highlight,” Fresh Taiwan uses neon lines as the main element, and combines colorful and free dynamic designs to convey diverse and interdisciplinary creative energy, showing how Fresh Taiwan continues to select and showcase emerging design brands that should be recognized as “Highlights,” and “Highlight” Taiwan’s cultural energy in the international market. At this year’s M&O Paris, Fresh Taiwan will guide buyers and media from all parts of the world to explore Taiwan’s cultural and creative brands with the most powerful creative energy. Participating products include stationaries, vessels, and accessories. Through creative aesthetics of the new age, Fresh Taiwan aims to present Taiwan’s contemporary daily life to convey diverse and profound brand power.



The ten participating brands of this year’s Fresh Taiwan are: Paper Shoot, Kanari, Celia&Perah, Studio Smoll, Mordeco, Yenchenyawen design studio, eguchi toys, HMM, Studio Lim, and bi.du.haev.


Among the brands, bi.du.haev’s “TIPA Teaset Deluxe” has been chosen to the “What’s New? – Share” section planed by François Delclaux, founder of trend consulting company Un Nouvel Air, with the invitation of the organizer. The highly indicative section gathers the most outstanding products of the year.


“Yenchenyawen design studio” utilizes natural elements and combines heterogenous materials to create quality and artistic home décor products, launching modern home décor items such as customizable wall tiles, switch panels, and customized nametags; HMM cooperates with Spring Pool Glass to present the “W Glass” made by local artisans of Taiwan through glass dying craft, displaying an aged amber color. HMM also uses recycled glasses of Spring Pool Glass, manifesting circular economy principles and eco-friendliness.


Paper Shoot’s main product is paper camera, which uses recycled paper printed with toxin-free soy colors for the outer casing, allowing people to assemble the camera on their own. The camera is lightweight, convenient, and eco-friendly. This year, HMM cooperates with National Palace Museum to present the “Jadeite Cabbage Camera” that exhibits the combined beauty of culture and technology. “Celia&Perah” has delved into speaker design for six years, and this year, Celia&Perah presents new product, “DIY Bluetooth Radio,” that allows users to experience the novel sensation and sense of achievement of assembling your own radio through the DIY module.


Moreover, Fresh Taiwan also features brands that pay attention to details in life, such as “Kanari” that fuses metal materials with craft, culture, art, and design, to inject into the objects the concept of symbiosis; whether it is “House” bottle opener, “Twilight” candlestick, or new product “cloud” tissue box, all products show Kanari’s attention to the quality of life. “Mordeco” emphasizes details in life, and is known for utilizing materials and light to shape unique visual sensations; “Revov Coin Storage” and “Mirror LED+ Tissue Ambient Light” exhibit unique creativity. “eguchi toys” is a toy brand, using toxin-free wood to produce the “Mobile Bird – Pelican,” conveying education ideals and warm blessings. The new product, “Pelican – Mini” is lightweight and economical, and is ready to compete in the Christmas shopping season.


M&O Paris is one of the most important exhibitions for all the professionals in the areas of life aesthetics, interior design, and design. Every year, it attracts over 3,000 brands and 80,000 visitors from all around the world, with 50% of the visitors being professional buyers. Major global home décor brands discourse respective brand styles through this exhibition, as it has become a large commercial event that facilitates business and trade opportunities, and introduces fashion trends. This year, Fresh Taiwan will be showcased in the “Smart Gift” section.


Exhibition Information – M&O Paris

Period: September 6 to 10, 2019

Location: Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center, Smart Gift, I30-J39


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Participating Brands of Fresh Taiwan at 2019 M&O Paris


Brand Name (English) Brand Name (Chinese) Website
PAPER SHOOT 紙綸科技股份有限公司
Kanari 翔詠設計有限公司
CELIA&PERAH 行悅科技有限公司
Studio Lim 濯濁有限公司
Studio Smoll 思謀研器有限公司
bi.du.haev 幸福鍵有限公司
Mordeco 九磨設計有限公司
Yenchenyawen design studio 晏誠設計有限公司
eguchi toys 江口股份有限公司
HMM 奇意果國際有限公司