Fresh Taiwan Explores European Market with Creativity and Quality

To bridge domestic cultural and creative industries with the international market, and enhance Taiwan’s cultural and creative brands’ global exposure, the Fresh Taiwan Project launched by the Ministry of Culture will take 10 Taiwanese design brands to Germany to participate in the world’s largest “Ambiente Frankfurt” for the fourth time this February; by organizing a national pavilion, Fresh Taiwan will help all brands to fight as a team for overseas orders and explore new horizons for Taiwanese cultural and creative market.


Participating brands this year include Ystudio, Studio Lim, Danzo, Singular Concept, Kamaro’an, Paipai Pets’ and Design, Daqi Concept, Paper Shoot technologies, HMM, and Acorn Studio, submitting products in the categories of furniture and home décor, tableware, stationary, lights, and living and technology, which put Taiwan’s creativity that interprets cultural diversity, as well as its excellent manufacturing capability on full display. The brands are expected to conquer the hearts of European buyers through creative designs, so that they will import more cultural and creative products from Taiwan.


Combining Fine Crafts and Creative Thinking

Displaying Wonderful Ideas for Living


Ystudio’s fountain pen incorporates both Taiwanese design and traditional industrial techniques, and is made from copper, which changes gradually with time; from radiant gold early on, the material weathers gradually to give a deeply warm radiance of wisdom. “Studio Lim” is a sustainable design brand that focuses on environmental-friendly linen, and launches home décor products that combine centuries-old lacquer art and modern production procedures, striving for aesthetics of sustainability that is both environmentally friendly and practical. The Landscape series of organizers designed by “Danzo” masterfully utilize various terrain features to organize stationary supplies; the Stars and Moon wall organizers allow consumers to add or subtract the number of stars, and freely arrange the organizers to add an interesting touch to living space! “Ray, PRISM” was selected as the top trend at the 2015 Ambiente, making Singular Concept the first ever Taiwanese brand to win the recognition; the brand’s thoughtful designs fully manifest the elegant quality and intelligent implications of geometric aesthetics. “HMM” puts emphasis on details of objects and interaction with men; not only has it transformed the daily objects people have grown used to, launching the black metal scissors with magnetic base, HMM also created the Rule/One pen & ruler, demonstrating Taiwanese people’s creativity for living.


Reinventing Traditions with Technology

Unique Paper Camera and Bluetooth Birdcage Speaker


The mission of “Paper Shoot” is for everyone to recapture the fun and sensation of taking a photo, and has designed the Paper Shoot Camera; unlike digital cameras that compete with specifications and pricing, Paper Shoot uses paper board as shell, which wraps around basic components of a digital camera, and has the live view screen removed; emulating traditional cameras, Paper Shoot features a viewfinder, and the results will only be found out after the files are uploaded to the computer, creating the same surprising effect of traditional film cameras. Different designs of the outer paper shell may be introduced for different holidays, events, tourist attractions, or children, satisfying the customization and personalization needs of consumers! The JinGoo Birdcage Light by “Daqi Concept” features an interesting design; its name comes from the adjective ancient poets used to describe the chirping sound of orioles. Although it has a traditional name, it is actually a high-tech product! Hidden within the bird’s abdomen is a Bluetooth speaker that can connect with smartphone and play music. Delicate and warm sounds flowing out from the birdcage brings modern urban life a sense of leisure, and the birdcage is both a visual and audio treat.


Considerate Taiwanese Designers

Injecting Warmth to Modern Home Living


In the Amis language, “Kamaro’an” means to live, to sit, as well as living space; it is a brand jointly founded by artists from the Makuta’ay Village in Hualien and Taiwanese designers, that focuses on daily living items and accessories. The unique feature of the products is elegant craftsmanship with high precision, expanding the range of tribal crafts through perspectives of everyday life, and giving substantial details to the handmade products through industrial design thinking. “Paipai Pets & Design” is a design brand dedicated to pets, and emphasizes the relationship between pets, people, and space. Using natural and quality compound materials, with unique handmade designs, Paipai Pets & Design aims to satisfy modern people’s needs to pamper their pets. “Acorn Studio” combines glass fiber and fine handicraft to produce the ultra-realistic LUNA Lamp; the lamp gives soft and mesmerizing moonlight, and having a LUNA Lamp in the urban forest will immediately make your living space warm and romantic.



The Mecca of Global Consumer Goods—Ambiente Frankfurt


First started in 1949, “Ambiente Frankfurt” has nearly 70 years of history, and features a wide range of products, including houseware, furniture, gifts, and decorations. It is currently the world’s largest, oldest, and the most influential, high quality consumer goods fair. According to official stats in 2017, a total of 4,454 exhibitors from 96 countries participated in the event, attracting over 140,000 visitors from 154 nations around the world. Over 50% of the visitors were from outside of Germany, and here people could see the latest products brought by exhibitors from all over the world, while also learning the latest development trends of consumer goods.


The 2018 Fresh Taiwan pavilion is located in the LOFT, the most visited and the most anticipated hall of the Ambiente; LOFT also showcases products of the highest quality, and it is the one venue that the media and buyers will not miss. Fresh Taiwan will strike again, aiming to help Taiwanese brands with both outstanding quality and creativity to enhance international exposure and explore more international markets!


Exhibition Information: Ambiente 2018

Time: 2018/02/09-13

Location: Messe Frankfurt, Hall 11.0, LOFT, Booth B41

Address: Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 60327 Frankfurt am Main

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