Fresh Taiwan, Stories to Tell

The Ministry of Culture of Taiwan (MOC) has launched the “Cultural and Creative Industry Marketing” project, selecting high-quality creative products from Taiwan for exhibition. United under the slogan “Fresh Taiwan”, a group of outstanding design companies will bring their innovative and creative products to the 2015 Maison et Objet in Paris, which will be held from 4th – 8th September. Their products will be displayed in Hall 7, “Now”, which features the latest design trends. In order to strengthen the image of Taiwan-designed products and greatly increase their marketing efficiency, a total number of 28 Taiwanese brands are participating in this exhibition, including eight creative design brands and two agencies, seven brands under the “Formosa Form” program organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and several independent Taiwanese exhibitors.

In order to promote high-quality Taiwan creativity and products to the world, the “Fresh Taiwan” pavilion shall host a press conference from 12:00-13:00 on 4th September. Chung Ming Chang, Ambassador of Bureau de Représentation de Taipei en France, and Hsiao Ying Tsai, Director of Centre Culturel de Taiwan à Paris, will attend the ceremony to show their support for all exhibitors.


The Taiwan pavilion has the theme “STORY”, where objects are permitted to tell the story of lands, legacy, and childhood dreams. The creative products on display include lamps, stationery, and handmade furniture. These exhibits tell stories about people, things, land, cultural inheritance, and innovation, which highlight Taiwan’s fresh, diverse and rich brand strength.


Linking Traditional Memories with Modern Life

The smoked bamboo series of stationery by “TREASIA DESIGN” mix traditional decoration with modern technology, combining the tough Moso bamboo and aluminum alloy into one, to show businessmen’s self-confidence and taste with thin, elegant and minimalist designs. Their products include business card holders with a plate type cogged design, allowing users to slide a card out with just one hand, making it both beautiful and practical. “Y STUDIO” has adapted the concept of “the weight of the characters, the temperature of the writings” to their products, adding an excellent metallic luster and the fine texture of walnut to a series of stationery products, such as pens, drawing pens, paper etc. With their innovative designs, the stationery shows hints of Oriental writing culture and lifestyle. “ZISHI” (Studio Gunghu) is dedicated to mixing classical styles and modern elements. Porcelain from the Yuan dynasty is combined with geometric patterns to add a scientific sense of rhythm. In order to add more details and fun to dining tables, the porcelain also portrays lovable cats, dogs, fish, rabbits, and other small animals.

Constructing a Cultural Landscape for Spaces and Residences

“DANZO STUDIO” is a newly established brand, less than a year old. It has brought its LANDSCAPE series of boxes to this exhibition. Danzo uses aluminum alloys as its material, with concepts of hills, valleys, volcanoes, waterfalls, and other landscapes with different colors, to create an ecosystem on table surfaces. “EYE CANDLE” interprets experimental designs and the combination of spirit and life experience with unique candles. When a candle is lit, it emits aromatic fragrances and improves quality of life. “STUDIO KANARI” uses wire frameworks in Skelock bracket clocks to convey the interplay between light, shadow and space, with the timing of the changing seasons, showing different light flows. In addition, the Tower/House bottle opener also uses metal in its components, and is made up of stainless steel wire. Its three-dimensional geometric model makes it a bottle opener that is both practical and eye-catching.

Artisans in the New Generation

Two young designers, CHENG-TSUNG FEN and EVEN WU, reinterpret wood, bamboo and other classic materials in the application of home decorations, using their new ideas and outstanding craftsmanship. Even Wu uses recycled wood as his material, allowing the wood to tell its own story. The package is inspired by interesting childhood cookies and chocolates, and tells a story about people and objects. Cheng-Tsung Feng takes natural bamboo, which is commonly found in oriental styles, and bakes them using modern technology to curve the shafts. He then creates complex models, strengthening the structure with paint technology. It allows the piece to keep the original features of bamboo pipe, while also expanding into new horizons, which are full of contemporary styles.




[About the Exhibition – Maison et Object]

Maison et Objet is one of the three most important European exhibition for interior design. It is held biannually every January and September. It represents a huge collection of innovation and talent, and has great international influence. The exhibition area occupies more than 270,000 square meters, with eight themed pavilions. The Now (Now! Design a vivre) Pavilion features prospective design, which allows buyers and media to observe the latest trends. This is the eighth time that Taiwan Design Center has participated in Maison et Objet at Now (Now! Design a vivre) Pavilion.


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